Safety & Technology

Increases in rotary aircraft safety have been incorporated through the Patented Design of the Bulldog’s rotor mast and by the addition of a composite crash cell within the Bulldog’s structure.


All helicopters and autogyros with tail sections to position a tail rotor or rudder to the rear of the aircraft can suffer from incidents when a rotor blade strikes the tail section.


Through the Bulldog’s design, BJJR have been able to completely remove this threat to pilots.


By using a tractor propeller configuration BJJR have ensured that the aircraft’s flight stability is exceptional. It also allows the Bulldog to be operated in areas where propeller clearance and bodywork ground clearance are important.

For those looking to travel beyond their horizon to explore our beautiful planet, or for those that wish to own an aircraft of magnificent beauty, the Bulldog pays homage to decades of British aircraft design and the iconic elegance of yesteryear.


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