Power & Performance

BJJR knows that Bulldog owners will want to explore the world with  their aircraft as well as have the confidence to visit locations nearer to home in the knowledge that they always have plenty of power to use a wide variety of private landing sites.



BJJR have selected the ROTEC R3600 9 Cylinder 150hp Radial Engine to power the Bulldog. This ensures that the Bulldog is able to carry out short take-offs and rapid climbs from unprepared or smaller private landing sites.

  • Manufacturer – Rotec Radial Engines
  • Configuration – 9 Cylinder Four Stroke Radial Engine
  • Capacity – 3600cc
  • Rated Power – 150HP @3600rpm
  • Fuel – Avgas100LL or High Octane Mogas
  • Fuel Consumption – 27 L/H
  • Cooling – Air Cooled (No Radiator)
  • Ignition Type – Dual: Hall-Effect Electronic with Twin Spark Plugs per Cylinder


With its formidable character this beautiful engine has been proven to be highly popular across the world. It is rugged and dependable making it the best engine that could have been selected for this luxury private aircraft.

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