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Apr, 2015

Aero 2015 Review


IMG_1774 copyAero 2015 was a resounding success for BJJR having chosen to launch the Bulldog Autogyro at the show. Media releases on the aircraft were intentionally kept to a minimum before the show so that those who attended could be treated to the first public viewings of the aircraft.

(view interview with Barry Jones by Dan Johnson)

Following 4 exciting and extremely busy days at Friedrichshafen it is clear that the Bulldog has already gained a considerable global following, and there is a strong demand to become an owner of a BJJR Bulldog. While many of these people have previously owned autogyros others have never considered owning an autogyro until now...a true compliment to the design work that BJJR have undertaken.

Aero 2015 was not only a show at which the Bulldog would be launched but also an opportunity to meet with the General Aviation community and understand their demands in terms of cockpit instrumentation, quality of cockpit trim and aircraft performance. While this research has allowed BJJR to fine tune its offering and reconfirm that the design of the aircraft is highly desirable, there were some results that were more of a surprise to BJJR. The most notable of these being the high level of demand for larger autogyros.

BJJR would like to thank all those that chose to conduct TV and Radio interviews with BJJR Staff and those that wrote numerous articles on the Bulldog which are now being watched, listened to and read across the world.

BJJR was very pleased to see such an impressive line up of other autogyros being offered by all autogyro manufacturers at the show - an excellent sign of the health within the growing autogyro community.

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